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Vision & Mission

To be globally recognized as leading Service Provider in Ship Operation.


Acquire, develop and retain empowered and committed team.Develop cost-effective and efficient systems for all safe operations at sea and in ports where we do business, Keeping Environment protection in mind.

The company aims at improving the performance of vessels under its charge and optimizes the operating cost by :​

  • Implemented ISM Code of International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

  • Implemented ISPS Code to the sea going vessels and Port facility.

  • Carefully planning, Preventive Maintenance Schedule of all Equipments on board and the Hull and monitoring the execution thereof.

  • Maintaining all trading and SOLAS Mandatory Certificates and Classification certificates and keeping them updated.

  • The above objectives are in line with the resolution passed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to implement the International Safety management Code.

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